Le Corbeau et la Renarde

corbeau renarde

Télécharger pour Windows (français) Download for Windows (english)

Perch’d on a lofty oak, Sir Raven held a lunch of cheese...You should know how the story ends.

This time, the game was made for a contest set by the french AGS community. The goal was to make a game with a single room and on the theme « Upside down ». I chose to turn the game over and make the player play a NPC. The game is based on Jean de La Fontaine’s tale The Fox and The Crow (you might know the Aesop version) and was made in a week end.

English translation :
– Kenneth Backus

They talk about it :
IndieGames (english)
Gamesphere (french)
Gamin.ru (russian)
Blistered Thumbs (english)
Ritgun.tistory.com (korean)


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