‘Til Cows Tear us Apart

'Til cows tear us apart

Download for Windows (english)
Play on web! (english)

A road trip filled with adventure, romance and cows across a desert called Space.

Seven chapters, five endings.

This game was made in two weeks for the Space Cowboy Game Jam, in which it ended first. it was displayed at Marfa Festival as well as some other games from the jam.

It was then ported to the web by The Pixel Hunt and Benjamin Gattet



They talk about it :
RockPaperShotgun (english)
Warpdoor (english)
The Crate and Crowbar podcast (english)
One More Turn podcast (english)
Youtupe Playthrough (english)



2 thoughts on “‘Til Cows Tear us Apart

  1. I thought this game was absolutely marvelous. It evoked emotion really well, leaving me worried about making it to our destination with not only the cows intact but ourselves and our ship.
    I nearly cried at the ending I received. I intend to play again after I’ve let that sink in for a bit, but well done! You really captured the essence of the jam’s theme and made it into something unique.

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