Never Alone Hotline (Original)


Download for Windows (english)

Feel depressed ? Lonely ? Call Never Alone Hotline and enjoy our friendly hostesses.

Never Alone Hotline
is my second game. It was made in less than 48h for the Ludum Dare #22 (theme « Alone ») and was quite a success since it ended 12th on 700, with a silver medal in « Theme » and a 4th position in « Humor ». In this game, you’re a hotline hostess and you have to answer to every lonely caller. Only one ending, many path.

They talk about it :

IndieGames (english)
Coin Explosion (english)
GameSideStory (english)
GameSphere (french)
Ripperblog (french) (russian)
Retrozentrale (german)
Muito Supremo (portugese) (Czech)

Timelapse :

Part 1
Part 2


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