Candy’s Crushes Saga

Candy's crushes Saga

Play Online (english)

When I heard about the Candy Jam, I thought : I need to take part in this! The goal was to make games about candies to troll the trademark troll, but I was more inspired by the name “Candy Crush Saga” itself and eventually made a game about Candy’s several crushes.

Candy’s Crushes Saga was made in two days with Puzzlescript which is an amazing tool!

The game made into Candy Jam’s top 15.

They talk about it :
IndieGames (english)
IndieStatik (english)
FreeIndieGames (english)
GetIndieGames (french)
GameSphere (french)
And a little playthrough video


3 thoughts on “Candy’s Crushes Saga

  1. What an amazing game ! I love how you tell a story by the gameplay, simple and beautiful.
    PS : However, a soluce won’t be a mess, I am blocked at « The fun » chapter… And I want to know the end of your story !

    • Thank you!
      The fun is the last chapter, you were so close!
      I should indeed make a video walkthrough…but firt, I need to learn how to screencast :/

  2. Aïe so close !…
    In a first time why not a simple « text soluce » ?
    (You just could indicate left / right / up /down ^^)

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