Split Fighters

Split fighters
Download for Windows (english)

Split Fighters is my first “big” project since I worked on it during 3/4 months (instead of the usual 48h). The main idea was to make a fighting game on Adventure Game Studio. Of course, it’s a stupid idea because AGS is a software designed to make point & click, so here’s the first point & click fighting game (maybe, I didn’t checked).

Of course, because I can’t help it, Split Fighters contains plenty of dialogs, way more than any of my previous games. As you can guess, this game isn’t really about fighting after all.

They talk about it :
IndieGames (english)
RockPaperShotgun (english)
FreeIndieGam.es (english)
Zero Feedback (english)
Gameblog (french)
PCJeux n°174 (french)
Antibuzz #3 (french)
GetIndieGames (french)
GameSphere (french)
Gamin.ru (russian)


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